Very Early The Last Jedi LEGO Information Begins to Leak


Some of the first information about upcoming LEGO sets for The Last Jedi has begun to leak out, and it gives an idea of how many sets will be out later this year. No images of the sets leaked, and we wouldn’t post that as LEGO likes to sent legal threats to sites over it, but some very early information is out there from a reliable source.

This information comes from Eurobricks, which doesn’t allow people to post made up stuff on their forums. And while it’s never a good idea to try to determine plot information from LEGO sets; this does give us an idea what to look for in the fall.

It looks like there are a total of eight sets (75176, 75177, 75178, 75179, 75187, 75188, 75189, 75190) and this includes bigger sets, smaller ones, and a build-able BB-8 like the individual build-able characters that came before. Right now it’s absolutely impossible to derive any sort of plot details from the sets, even the one that apparently includes two Stormtroopers, Rey, and Luke.

LEGO stuff is usually the first to leak out in terms of new Star Wars merchandise, and if we have these set numbers I wouldn’t be shocked if actual images of the sets begin to show up on the internet within the next month or two.

We’ll get our first official look at The Last Jedi next month at Star Wars Celebration.