Aquaman Swims to December 2018


Not long after James Cameron said 2018 wouldn’t be happening for the first Avatar sequel, Warner has bumped James Wan’s Aquaman from October 2018 to December 21, 2018. That’s the original release date for for Avatar 2, and it’s just a couple days before Disney’s big Mary Poppins Returns on Christmas Day.

The audience for Aquaman won’t really cross over much with Mary Poppins, so Disney probably isn’t sweating that much. But what will this mean for a potential Han Solo delay?

There were previous reports of it moving to December 14, 2018 but when Lucasfilm announced the start of filming they re-confirmed the May date. However just a couple of weeks later at the Annual Shareholder’s Meeting Bob Iger just said “2018” for the date without a specific month.

It’s possible there are warring factions within the company, one that wants May and another that wants December. It could be Disney that wants it out in May to not conflict with Mary Poppins on Christmas Day as the two family audiences will overlap. I really don’t think people realize that to the Walt Disney Company, Mary Poppins is more important than any Lucasfilm or Marvel movie. It’s a follow-up to what is considered Walt Disney’s crowning achievement, a movie that he was never able to surpass due to him passing away just two years after its release. So for the Disney company, doing a big budget sequel to that is more than just box office, it’s a very important piece of their company tapestry.

Whatever is happening with Han Solo, we probably won’t hear anything new about the movie until D23 Expo this summer.