Oops! The New \’Life\’ Trailer Recycles Footage From \’Spider-Man 3\’


Recycling footage for movies isn’t anything new. People roast Disney all the time when the low-budget Robin Hood recycled a lot of animation from older movies, and Michael Bay famously lifted an entire action scene from The Island for Transformers: Dark of the Moon after an extra was nearly killed. But the new Life trailer completely reuses a shot from Spider-Man 3, as spotted by a Redditor in the r/Movies subreddit.

Here’s the shot from Life:

And the Spider-Man 3 version:

Aside from the color and angle, they’re almost identical complete with the guy using a 2007 era flip phone.

Reddit actually came up with a very cool theory, what if “Life” is a prequel to their upcoming dumb standalone Venom movie that will have no connection to Spider-Man? The entity they discover in Life is the symbiote that becomes Venom. Cool fan theory, unlikely that the people involved with Venom would be smart enough to think of that…