Luke\’s First Words to Rey Aren\’t \’Who are you?\’



Yesterday Disney showed some footage from The Last Jedi to attendees at their Annual Shareholder’s Meeting in Denver. Following the revelation of what was shown, sites around the internet are claiming that Luke’s first words to Rey are “Who are you?”

While these are the first words we’ve heard old Luke speak (at least since the Vector Prime TV commercial), they aren’t Luke’s first words to Rey in the movie. This is easily determined from the context in which the line is spoken, compared to where Luke and Rey first meet at the ending of the first movie and the beginning of this one.

The “Who are you?” line doesn’t happen when Rey hands the saber to Luke. It’s inside a hut on Ahch-to, and there’s really no way to determine when this scene takes place. It could be a half hour into the movie for all we know, or it could end up not being in it at all much like Maz’s similar question to Rey from the international trailer for TFA.

Another thing to note about this footage is that last year Disney showed Rogue One scenes at their meeting and it turned out those scenes were trimmed out of the first trailer for the movie released a month later. So it’s very possible we’ll be seeing this footage on April 14th as part of the first teaser released at Celebration.