Another Thing From The Clone Wars & Rebels Appears in The Last Jedi



This December’s The Last Jedi is going to be another example of how Star Wars fans shouldn’t dismiss the canon animated series, as something The Clone Wars and Rebels introduced makes a live-action appearance.

The LA Times writer who attended the Disney Shareholder’s Meeting yesterday Tweeted that there’s a scene where Rey is surrounded by orbs of light.

Finally, "The Last Jedi" footage included a shot of Rey, clearly under duress, surrounded by many small orbs of light that hung in the air.

— Daniel Miller (@DanielNMiller) March 9, 2017


These orbs appeared in Rebels where Yoda used them to guide Ezra through the Jedi Temple they were exploring. They also appeared in one of the final episodes of The Clone Wars when Yoda visits Dagobah for the first time:

So once again, Star Wars fans should really be paying attention to what Star Wars Rebels is doing. You never know when it foreshadows something in a movie.