The Last Jedi Footage Screened for Disney Shareholders



Disney’s Annual Shareholder’s meeting is taking place right now in Denver, and attendees just got their first look at Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

We’re still waiting for exact details of what the footage gave away to leak out, but it wasn’t very much footage. Iger began the presentation for The Last Jedi by showing the ending of The Force Awakens. Then they gave a little, silly, tease of what happens immediately after that scene, “He took it!” referring to Luke grabbing the saber. It’s not known if that was an actual Episode VIII clip, or a silly blooper just shown to get a laugh at the Shareholder’s meeting.

But there was real footage screened. It wasn’t the teaser trailer that’s coming April 14th at Star Wars Celebration, but the introduction video montage they played for the Shareholder’s that featured all of Disney’s studios in it did feature some footage from The Last Jedi. During the Star Wars presentation, Iger isolated that footage and played it for the attendees.

Also interesting is that Iger didn’t confirm the May release date for Han Solo, only saying it’s out in 2018. He also didn’t give the title for that movie just yet. Still, after seeing footage from The Last Jedi I doubt the shareholders would mind about not getting that sort of scoop.