Details on The Last Jedi Footage Screened Today for Disney Shareholders



Earlier today Disney showed the first footage of The Last Jedi to attendees at its Annual Shareholder’s Meeting in Denver. The footage is actually part of a larger Disney sizzle reel, but during the Star Wars presentation Iger isolated the Star Wars footage and showed it to the room.

Now we have information on the small snippet of footage Iger showed there, and it’s very possible this is all pulled from the upcoming teaser trailer. The scenes were very quick, but here is what they showed. These are not in order:

-Luke in a hut on Ahch-To asking Rey “Who Are You?”
-Finn in a First Order uniform on the bridge of a Star Destroyer (or other big ship).
-General Leia.
-Several shots showing Rey spinning her lightsaber in practice.
-Captain Phasma.
-Chewie roaring.
-Poe in his X-Wing cockpit yelling “It’s now or never” to BB-8.
-Ships flying in space.
-An X-Wing coming in for a crash landing.

The scenes with Rey training with her lightsaber sounded pretty epic in how they’re described. One is a wide shot with her spinning the saber.

Hopefully we’ll see all of this in the teaser in April at Celebration.