Supergirl “Exodus”


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Last night’s newest episode of Supergirl, “Exodus,” was jam-packed with action from stopping Cadmus deporting aliens to uncovering Jeremiah Danver’s true loyalties. You know it’s going to be an event-filled and violent episode when it begins with a family singing a Bruno Mars song blissfully during a car ride. Just about every character was in this episode too, including the illusive James Olsen. (He was at the DEO and the alien dive bar. Two different sets! We probably won’t see him for three more episodes.) Lena Luthor even made an appearance at CATCO. Who would have known she gets lunch with Kara!

Prepare yourself for spoilers.

The end of last episode left a very distraught Kara and Alex after learning of Jeremiah’s betrayal. While we saw Kara get up and continue fighting, after hearing about the release of the alien registry act to Cadmus, I was worried at how Alex would handle everything. She has always been so concerned with getting her father back and now she realized he’s been working with them. Last night’s episode showed just how unstable she is, starting with beating up the guy from Cadmus even when he states he physically can’t tell her anything. Even though J’onn’s trick, posing as Jeremiah, was shady; it was completely affective. We got to see where Alex’s loyalties lied. She would go against the DEO to keep her father safe. I think J’onn and Kara were right when they told Alex to sit this one out, but I also liked how Maggie stood by her. In the end her methods were justified because she helped stop the aliens from leaving Earth (with Kara’s help of course) and Jeremiah was shown as ultimately being a good guy. (Even though I’m still not completely buying it. I really did love when Lillian Luthor said: “You’re the only Superman we need.” Great nod to his role on Lois and Clark.)

This episode also showed Kara that she can’t always assume she can write a story because she uses Supergirl as her source. In the past, this hasn’t been an issue, but when she wants to alert the aliens of National City of the danger they’re in, she can’t. While I think it was bold and smart of Kara to publish the article on her own, Snapper did have a point. He stressed how their news has to be 100% true and she should have multiple sources to back her up. I just wish she didn’t lose her job. While we might not be her at CATCO all the time, I liked that she was a reporter like her cousin and had a life besides being Supergirl.

This time Kara and Mon-El surprisingly didn’t fight. He was extremely supportive, while still being the usual humorous Mon-El. Kara even told him, “Maybe being Supergirl and having you is enough.” While I loved this moment, I also cringed because I feared for what’s to come and it’s coming next episode. Check out the link below for promo of 2×16 “Star-Crossed,” the first part of the musical crossover with the Flash. I was surprised Mon-El’s true identity was revealed in the voice-over of the commercial. Good thing, because the next new episode airs in two weeks March 20th.