Infinity War May Cost $1 Billion to Make


The back-to-back Avengers sequels are being filmed in Atlanta right now until the end of the year, and they may be the most expensive movies ever made.

The speculation comes from a statement from Chick-fil-A CEO and Pinewood Atlanta Studios co-owner Dan Cathy who told the Atlanta Business Chronicle that: “We now have on the lot down there now the largest film production ever with a $1 billion budget,” Cathy said.

Of course since he co-owns Pinewood Atlanta he can’t divulge what movie he’s talking about but the only thing that big filming there is Infinity War. The two-part Avengers sequel is going to include almost everyone still alive in the MCU and will feature Spider-Man with The Avengers meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy.

With that much Marvel awesomeness on the screen, Disney probably isn’t worried about making back their investment. Both movies can easily make $1 billion on their own so they’re probably not sweating how much it’ll take to get them made over the next nine months.