Supergirl “Homecoming” Recap


supergirl-season-2-cw-poster“When’s the last time we were this lucky? Lucky enough that Cadmus is moving their most valuable prisoner. A guy the DEO’s been unable to find for over fifteen years and he just lands in our lap?” Mon-El was the voice of reason during last night’s Supergirl episode. (Can you believe it?) After a very light-hearted and fun episode last week with Mr. Mxyzptlk, we got a heart-wrenching episode with cringe-worthy moments involving the return of Jeremiah Danvers. We were reminded that if everything seems too good to be true, it is and that you can’t always trust family (especially if they have been kidnapped with the enemy for the last decade).

While the end of last week’s episode saw Kara and Mon-El FINALLY together (and I mean together), the couple continued to butt heads; beginning with Mon-El going against her wishes to keep their relationship quiet for a bit. Now I can understand why he wanted to tell everyone because he’s proud of their relationship and he doesn’t want to hide it, but I think he could have waited more than 10 seconds before blurting it out. I did like when J’onn and Alex mentioned they’d have to report to H.R. I guess the DEO isn’t that much different from a regular office.

Mon-El was the first one to question Jeremiah’s return and he made some great points, such as receiving an alert from Cadmus about moving a weapon when they don’t usually get notified unless Cadmus poses the message on purpose. That’s a red flag for sure. He just went about sharing his theory in the wrong way. When Kara told him to drop it, he shouldn’t have brought it up at the dinner. It was interesting to hear Jeremiah tell him in the hallway that he knows who he really is. I was surprised Mon-El answers with “And?” rather than what do you know or why? To which Jeremiah responses, “That’s it. I know who you are and I doubt Kara would like the truth.” Would she not like to know the truth because he’s been lying or because of who he is or rather was? He has changed since the first time we met him. Either way I need this secret to be revealed soon because it’s already episode 14 and it’s just going to be another complication between Kara and Mon-El. They are already having an issue every episode that needs to be reconciled at the end of the episode in her apartment. How will this change everything? Ugh, I cannot handle the drama.

I loved Winn and Mon-El in this episode. Their friendship is so great and I like how Winn believed Mon-El’s suspicions when no one else did. How cute is it that they share a Netflix account! I also liked how Winn was there to give Mon-El advice for his relationship with Kara. In the end, Mon-El used it and listened to what Kara needed. He had a lot of character development in this episode.

It is important to note that this was yet another episode without James. When Kara said, she was taking the other fly-guy on the mission, I automatically thought of the Guardian, but she was talking about Martian Manhunter (who I was happy to see out in the field). Is it possible that the team is getting too big and James just isn’t a part of it anymore? Season 2 is revolving more around the DEO rather than CATCO, so he hasn’t been influential to the plot. In several ways Mon-El has taken his air time. We see him hang out more with the team, Winn, and he’s the love interest for Kara. I hope next season sees a better storyline for James.

The ending posed several questions: Why is Jeremiah helping Cadmus? He didn’t look like he had much remorse for going against his daughters. You can tell he still cares for them, but it doesn’t look like he’s being held against his will. So what’s his deal? And what kind of spaceship was that? His betrayal will definitely change everyone’s dynamic, especially Kara and Alex, but Kara proved her strength by going into the DEO after learning the list of the aliens was taken by Cadmus. I hope Alex will find a way to overcome his betrayal or learn why he is acting the way he is. I certainly want to know why! I can’t wait till next week!

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 on the CW.