Alamo Drafthouse Reminds Parents Not to Bring Kids to Logan



The Alamo Drafthouse is one of the greatest theater chains in the US, and they continue to prove it with this PSA for Logan. They’re famous for kicking out (and even publicly shaming) people who use phones during movies and this latest reminder of Logan’s brutality should allow them to shame a parent who brings a screaming baby into the movie.

I saw something similar myself with Deadpool last year. The theater was full of idiot parents who were bringing their little demon spawn children to the movie, and the theater’s management went in front of the packed house with a microphone and warned all of the parents that it was a very “Hard R” movie and there would be no refunds after the movie started. Apparently a lot of dumb parents didn’t pay attention to the rating and stormed the box office in previous showings demanding refunds after Deadpool started dropping F-bombs.

Hopefully people learned their lesson and won’t bring screaming babies to showings of Logan.