Throwback Thursday Review: The Sarah Jane Adventures


The-Sarah-Jane-Adventures-Series-1Yesterday I found myself re-watching an old David Tennant episode of Doctor Who “Journey’s End,” thanks to BBC America. It was still so good to see all of the Tenth Doctor’s old companions reunite to stop Davros and it still hurt my heart to watch *spoilers* what happened to Donna. As I was watching the episode, I realized I watched the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, following Captain Jack, but never watched The Sarah Jane Adventures. I had never been interested to before, but something about Sarah Jane repeatedly saying, “He’s only 14!” about her son made me want to change that.

So today, thanks to the power of Amazon Prime, I watched the first two episodes of season 1 of The Sarah Jane Adventures: “Revenge of the Slitheen: Part 1 and 2.” (According to IMDb there’s apparently an episode before these. I’ll have to look into that.) The Sarah Jane Adventures follows former Doctor Who companion Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen) as she protects the Earth from aliens with her adopted son Luke, his friends Maria, and Clyde and their super computer John Smith. The show ran from 2007-2011 with five seasons, and a total of 54 episodes.

I was really excited and happy to re-enter the world of Russell T. Davies’ Doctor Who. There has definitely been a shift in the show since Steven Moffat took over. (It should be interesting to see how the show will change with Chris Chibnall as the Head Writer and Executive Producer. Going through writing changes feels like regenerations.) While I was never a fan of the Slitheen, I did find them comical in this episode and liked that we were introduced to a child. It was easy to get to know the lead characters and I felt invested in the show right away. I particularly like how fast Clyde joined the team. At the moment he kind of reminds me of Mickey Smith. I can’t wait to watch more and figure out what is so special about Luke. I can understand why Sarah Jane wasn’t comfortable with him calling her Mum, but they kept stressing how he saved the world when he was born. He’s either a very important human, or not human at all. (My moneys on the latter.) I also can’t wait for some Doctor cameos. I remember hearing Tennant and Smith appear once or twice on the show. I love being able to Binge watch old shows. Waiting around weekly for new episodes can be so annoying. I’ll keep you posted as I travel through space and time with The Sarah Jane Adventures!