A Nightwing Movie is Officially Coming!


Following all of the drama surrounding The Batman there’s some good news out of Gotham. In addition to Matt Reeves officially directing and producing the next Batman movie, Warner has plans to give Dick Grayson his own big screen adventure.

THR confirmed today that WB is plotting a Nightwing movie with the director of The Lego Batman Movie, Chris McKay, heading it up.

Dick Grayson hasn’t been introduced in the DCEU yet, but Batman did have a Robin (shown in BvS) who was killed by Harley Quinn and The Joker (established in Suicide Squad). During production of BvS there was a tombstone for Dick Grayson on the set, but that was never seen on-screen and was probably a ruse to throw people off who took pictures of the set.

It’s possible we could be introduced to Nightwing in The Batman film before he goes off on his own, but there’s nothing official yet.