Star Wars Fandom is Suffering Drama Over…Stickers



There’s a great disturbance in Star Wars fandom, and it all stems from one vocal fan side waging war against another over a really funny joke sticker.

Quite a while ago, Steele Wars created some silly “Your Snoke Theory Sucks” stickers that have become pretty popular:

Over the last week one fansite decided to go to war with Steele, blasting them over the sticker that’s become really popular among fans with their heads screwed on right. They defended the insane theorizing that’s polluting Star Wars discussion with more and more outrageous Snoke theories coming out every day in a desperate attempt for clicks from people who can’t think for themselves.

There’s a huge difference between healthy theorizing about Star Wars, and spewing outright stupidity just for attention. There’s a lot of canonical material out there to theorize about. For example the Aftermath trilogy lays out some interesting threads that, when connected with other canon material, can help put together a theory that Snoke is a new character that the remnant of the Empire encounters in the Unknown Regions following the events of Empire’s End.

On the other hand “Snoke is Jar Jar”, “Snoke is Plagueis”, “Snoke is Leia”, “Snoke is Boba Fett’s Brother’s Sister’s Former Roommate” etc. are all “Snoke Theories that Suck”. They’re not fun, they’re just annoying and the people who go through elaborate lengths to try to explain it are just begging for attention they don’t deserve. It’s like spam email. After a while you just roll your eyes and close the browser tab. That’s why the “Your Snoke Theory Sucks” joke exists.

Attacking Steele Wars over a sticker that’s intended to be a joke doesn’t make someone a superior Star Wars fan, it makes them an oversensitive dick. Just like not every kid should get a trophy, not every head canon Snoke theory will end up being true.

And yes, your Snoke theory does suck.