The Last Jedi Will Feature Scenes Shot in IMAX


When it was revealed that The Last Jedi would be shot on film like The Force Awakens before it, some Star Wars fans were disappointed. Star Wars was always about pushing the envelope with technology, which George Lucas did in the early 2000s with the bleeding-edge 1080p Sony digital cameras used on Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

Rogue One was filmed with 6K digital cameras as Edwards didn’t want to sacrifice the advantages that gives just to pander to people who wanted him to go old fashioned on film. And today it was revealed that select scenes in The Last Jedi were filmed with IMAX’s cameras.


“Fans that loved J.J. Abrams’ iconic use of IMAX cameras in Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be pleased to find that Rian Johnson has captured key sequences of Star Wars: The Last Jedi using IMAX’s extremely high-resolution cameras, delivering IMAX audiences greater scope and increased image quality in IMAX’s exclusive aspect ratio for a uniquely immersive experience.”

The Falcon Jakku sequence in The Force Awakens was the only part that used IMAX. It’ll be interesting to see if Johnson uses it more in The Last Jedi or if it’ll be more scenes. IMAX’s piece does say “key sequences” so that hints that we’ll get more full IMAX scenes in Episode 8.