Both Han Solo and Episode IX Are Officially Set for May Dates (For Now)


When Lucasfilm once again said that Han Solo would be coming out on May 25, 2018 yesterday some people were surprised because people assume Disney would want Star Wars in December from now on. However it does look like that right now they want the next two movies in May.

Han Solo opening in May makes business sense for Disney. Avatar 2 still has not yet been delayed out of its December 21, 2018 date and James Cameron is actually filming the sequels this summer. Also Disney has just begun production on their big budget Mary Poppins Returns, which is scheduled for Christmas Day 2018. With Pandora: The World of Avatar opening in Walt Disney World this May, Disney needs that franchise to be healthy and not steamrolled by Star Wars. Likewise they have a big family movie locked in for Christmas Day that they wouldn’t want Star Wars to cut into. That’s likely why they still want Han Solo in May.

Disney revealed that Episode IX was set for May 24, 2019 last April. Nearly a year ago. Here’s Business Insider’s story about that. As of right now that’s the official release date for the final movie in the Sequel Trilogy. It’s not something someone random put on IMDB, right now that’s the date (unless Disney moves it).

There’s a reason why they likely don’t want to push Episode IX to December, and that’s because both Disneyland and Walt Disney World will be opening their Star Wars expansions in the summer of 2019. Based on previous Disney Parks openings, it’s very likely we’ll see the new lands opening either the last weekend of May or the first week of June. Perfect timing to release a major new Star Wars movie and then have people run to the parks to go on the new rides.

It’s still possible either one of these could be pushed to December, and there are still rumors Han Solo will be delayed at Celebration, but with each of them Disney has very strong reasons to release them in May.