This Weekend\’s \’Benicio Del Toro Playing Boba Fett\’s Son\’ Story is Star Wars Fake News


Over the weekend multiple sites ran a fake news story claiming that Benicio Del Toro is playing Boba Fett’s son in The Last Jedi. The story was ran by some major film blogs, and even some bigger Star Wars fan sites, when they didn’t bother to check the origin of it or who started the hoax. I say hoax as the person who created it is a known Star Wars hoaxer (and content thief). The only site on the internet who takes him seriously is Express, and that’s where this latest hoax was first given attention.

Of course this is another Mike Zeroh hoax. The guy who stole video from MakingStarWars and slapped his name on it, put out a fake news story about Luke Skywalker, and tried to spread a fake Episode VIII title has struck again with another piece of bogus Star Wars fake news.

This time he claimed to find the information that Del Toro was playing Boba Fett’s son on a Wiki. Unless you’re a complete idiot and have no idea how the internet works, you’d know that anyone can edit a wiki to say whatever you want it to say. Obviously the wiki where Zeroh claimed to find the Boba Fett info has already been reverted, which means whoever wrote it there was doing it as a hoax. Kind of interesting that he managed to get a screen shot of the wiki before it was immediately reverted, normally only the author of a bogus wiki article would be able to do that. Makes you think…

The Express website is the only place on the internet who takes the Sequel Trilogy’s Supershadow, Mike Zeroh, seriously. Every time he writes a story citing this “Star Wars expert” and “YouTube star” they’re contributing to spreading fake news. Due to how every other Star Wars site sees through this guy’s hoaxes, this “journalist” on Express is either a real-life friend of Zeroh and is doing so to help his YouTube views (and thus income) or he’s being paid to deliberately deceive people on the internet with fake news stories just to get clicks.