No Star Wars Rebels Season 4? Movies Instead? Rumors are Flying…


Over the weekend multiple interviews came out with Dave Filoni claiming he discussed a fourth season of Star Wars Rebels. But if you actually read his comments he never specifically mentioned a fourth season, instead just saying they have plans for where the story will go. All claims of him talking about a literal fourth season are nothing more than clickbait headlines. But does that mean we won’t see any more Star Wars Rebels after the third season ends in a few weeks? Well there are rumors flying around about what could happen.

The best case scenario is that they’ll announce Rebels season 4 on April 15th at Celebration in Orlando. Saturdays are traditionally the “Rebels day” at Celebration, and if it’s going to happen that’s where it would be. But the rumors of the alternate plans are more interesting.

Basically the rumor says Rebels as a series will end with Season 3, but the stories will continue in a series of movies. These could be on DisneyXD, Netflix, digital releases, or something else, but they would wrap up the big storylines in the show. This would both give people new Rebels content while also delivering the story arcs in the series that Clone Wars fans have missed.

Replacing Rebels would be a new animated series that has been in the works for quite some time. This is why Dave Filoni has taken on a new role with Rebels, there’s a new show on the horizon. We also know that animation vet Jen Muro has been writing this new series since last fall. No one knows what this new series could be, but Lucasfilm did register trademarks for a “Forces of Destiny” recently so that could be connected.

Before the release of The Force Awakens there were fleeting rumors that Lucasfilm may do a post-ROTJ series. With the Mystery Box that suffocated Star Wars prior to TFA now gone, and Episode VIII on the horizon, this new series that’s in the work could possibly be set in that time period. There are thirty years with of stories to tell there.

Either way, a new season, movies, or this new show, we’ll know the fate of Star Wars Rebels at Celebration in just a couple of months.