Disney Releases First Official Glimpse of Pandora\’s Na\’vi River Journey


Walt Disney World’s Pandora: The World of Avatar won’t be opening for a few months, but Disney has been starting to promote the opening with TV commercials. After spending upwards for $400m on the new land in Animal Kingdom, Disney needs people to want to go to “Avatar Land”.

The 12-acre expansion will open with two major attractions, much like Star Wars Land will in 2019. The first allows you to ride on the back of a Banshee, and Disney has promoted this ride already but the commercial only used film footage and none of the ride. For the second ride, a slower past river ride called the Na’vi River Journey, Disney has released the first official footage of the ride in action…although it’s very short.

It looks like there will be projections used for some of the wildlife, while the Na’vi will be animatronic (the image above is a close-up of one of those). Here’s the projections:
And black lighting is used to simulate the colors of Pandora:

You can see it all in action here: