The Last Jedi Title Plural?


Today some of the international titles for The Last Jedi have come out, leading some to declare definitively that the title is plural.

Both the Spanish and French titles came out today, and both show the plural version of Jedi. Even with this revelation, it’s a pretty flimsy thing to be making definitive plot statements over. Just like Rey’s hair yesterday people are overanalyzing things to try to scoop people on plot details of a movie we haven’t seen more than one second of footage from.

I think it’s desperation for any kind of Star Wars news that drives people to do this. Sure there’s a little bit of a lull between Rogue One’s release and the home video version of that, after which we’ll get The Last Jedi footage, but to try to decipher plot information from toy packaging and an international translation of a US title is a little on the crazy side.

Patience. We’ll get a lot of Last Jedi stuff in less than two months at Star Wars Celebration. Until then just enjoy the lead up to that and the DVD release of Rogue One. No need to make crazy declarations about the plot you may regret in the future.