Empire\’s End May Provide a Clue to a Big Sequel Trilogy Mystery (SPOILERS)


Aftermath: Empire’s End is out next week, and we’ve already shown you some of the big revelations in it, but there’s one that could be big if it pans out. This is mostly speculation, but there’s a possibility that the book hints at where Rey came from, especially with what’s known of the production of The Force Awakens and what didn’t make it into the movie.

During Rey’s flashback in TFA, we see Kylo and the Knights of Ren slaughtering clan members. People believe this is them killing Luke’s Jedi, but the person we see killed is specifically referred to as the Clan Leader. It’s very, very, possible that this was Rey’s people being killed by the Knights and it was a memory from Rey’s childhood that was suppressed.

With the idea of Rey being part of a clan at some point in your mind, lets move on to something interesting in Empire’s End.

On Jakku we know about the Church of the Force that Lor San Tekka was part of. They are more traditional Force followers, obsessed with the Jedi. But there’s another “religious” group on Jakku in a different part of the planet.

Gallius Rax was with these people when he was a child. They believe in the Force and quote the Journal of the Whills and believe in multiple types of the Force including a gray. We know in canon you can’t be a “gray” Jedi as the Dark Side requires a cost, but it sounds like this could be pointing to neutral Force users and the idea of a Force “clan” on Jakku is very interesting seeing what is known about Rey and her “clan”.

Could Rey have been part of this Force offshoot, her clan slaughtered, then left with Unkar Plutt as her parents fled Jakku? Like I said it’s just speculation, but it’s an interesting idea for a back story for Rey and much more interesting than linking her to some already existing character.

Also, the idea that Rey would be something different than a traditional Jedi in the Sequel Trilogy would be supported by such a theory. Rebels is already hinting at the idea of neutral Force uses with the Bendu, and Empire’s End just did so as well…