The 100: “The Four Horsemen” Recap



After a third season that got mixed reviews, season four is starting out strong. In the first two episodes of the season, Sky crew and the grounders have been frantically trying to find a way to survive the oncoming solar radiation. Episode Three, “The Four Horsemen,” provided some hope, but then quickly crushed it.

Spoilers Ahead.

A lot of action happened in this episode, but one of the most important moments was when Clarke found out they no longer have six months before the radiation comes-they only have two. This was revealed thanks to Luna, the last night blood we met in season three, and her remaining people coming to Arcadia for treatment of Radiation Sickness. Unfortunately, while they tried to save them, Luna was the only one left standing. Could she be the key to surviving the acid rain?

Jaha provided some hope when he spoke of a possible bunker that could have survived the first wave of radiation all those years ago. I was a little thrown off by the fact he was showing Bellamy and Clarke the information on a tablet, but it held good evidence forcing them to go on a road trip with him to find it. (I feel like this show doesn’t always explain how it has everything, such as the cars, but you just go with it.) I was really hoping there would be something salvageable in that old bunker, or even better survivors who have been down there all this time. But while Jaha’s intentions appeared to be good, it wound up being a dead end. This forced Clarke to sit down and write the list of 100 people (ironic) who will be spared on the ARC. While it pained her to comprise it, she wrote down Bellamy’s name as 99 with ease. Then he put her name as 100 and our Bellarke hearts melted. I just wish she would have hid the list better. Clarke, you really don’t think anyone is going to find that paper, folded one time, in the top, open, drawer of your desk. Come on! (As shown in the promo for next week Jasper and Monty find it. Shocker.)

Back at Polis the flare was stolen from King Roan and Octavia, or Sky Rippa as she is now being called, was sent to get it back. Little did she know, the girl who stole the flare was none other than Indra’s daughter, which contemplates things. Fortunately, an ambush from some looters allows Indra’s daughter to leave with the real flare, while the looters break a replica. So now while she searches for the next commander, the King must use Octavia to help enforce his law. Will Luna be willing to finally take the flare and become the next commander, now that she lost everything?

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9 on the CW.