Supergirl 2×11 The Martian Chronicles Recap


supergirl-season-2-cw-posterWhile the last new episode of Supergirl was packed with action, not much happened plot wise. Spoilers ahead!

The episode started with Kara confronting Mon-El at the bar, where she told him she didn’t have feelings for him. She proceeded to distract herself by focusing all of her energy on her Earth Birthday (or the day she came to Earth). This day was normally a celebration, but Kara got jealous when Alex said she was spending time with her girlfriend, instead of her sister. For Kara, this episode really dug deep into her feelings, specifically her jealousy and fear of losing her sister, who has always been there for her. It also touched upon Kara’s feelings for Winn and James fighting crime-again. (Once again James was not a part of this episode, but I think his character would have made it more complicated.) Ironically both Alex and Winn are both taken by the White Martian forcing Kara to confront her feelings. While she does this more with Alex, she does allow Winn to go off with James at the end of the episode.

Both sisters chat at the end of the episode, back at Kara’s apartment. While Alex stresses Kara won’t lose her, she also brings up Kara’s hidden feelings for Mon-El, which Kara admits are complicated. Naturally, once Kara realizes she wants to tell Mon-El how she feels about him, he is seen at Cat-Co getting lunch with Eve Teschmacher. Even though he says he’s moving on, we all know his feelings for Kara are still there. (I mean a guy doesn’t switch to drinking club soda as his usual, if he didn’t care about the girl.) Now I think we entered the classic sit-com romantic relationship where one character has a love interest and once the other realizes they also have feelings, the person is no longer available. (See: Friends, The Office, the list goes on.) As a true karamel shipper, I think this means they will eventually get together (or at least for this season). Chris Wood (Mon-El) is a main character this season and maybe once his secret is revealed (even if he’s not the Prince of Daxam he’s still hiding something), they will get even closer. Fingers crossed!

After having a minor plotline last episode, J’onn and M’gann were front and center this time. We learned more about M’gann’s background and found out that she was mated back on Mars. Of course, her husband returns to bring her home or kill thousands on Earth. Great guy! I loved how M’gann finally got her superhero name, Miss Martian, right before she left. I wasn’t a big fan of the implied romance between J’onn and M’gann though. I feel like they could be close, but didn’t have to be romantically connected. (Yes, I know it might be different in the comics, but there wasn’t enough build up on the show. Throughout the season so far there were times I forgot she was still here.) I did feel really bad for J’onn once she left. She was the closest person (alien) he had here on Earth. Hopefully her braveness will be rewarded and this won’t be the last we see of M’gann.

Next week Lena and Lillian Luthor return. (Do you remember them? It feels like forever ago we saw them.) Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 on the CW.