Batman V Superman VFX Reel Released



Awards season is always a fun time for people interested in visual effects because most of the big movies release their consideration reels, and we just got the Batman V Superman one today.

The reel goes through most of the major set pieces in the movie, showing just how much visual effects were seamlessly used in the film. That whole scene at the US capitol? It was entirely green screen except for the steps and the crowd. That’s pretty impressive as you couldn’t really tell that was all CGI in the movie…even in the excellent 4K UHD version of the Ultimate Cut.

There’s also a lot here featuring Doomsday, from his birth to the big fight scene with the Trinity. Again, that was pretty much entirely green screen; showing just how far photo-realistic visual effects have come in the last few years.

Zack Snyder’s production company released the video and you can see it embedded below: