Check Out the Epic Japanese Kong: Skull Island Poster



The Kaiju-filled poster for the Japanese promotion of Kong: Skull Island has hit the ‘net and it’s pretty epic.

They know the market they’re promoting this too, and the poster reveals even more giant monsters than we’ve seen in the trailers so far. Hopefully a higher-resolution version of this will come out soon as the detail on it is awesome and it’ll be cool to be able to pick out the other Kaiju on it.

Kong: Skull Island is the “official” start to what Legendary has dubbed the “Monsterverse”. Even though Universal has their “Monster Universe” this one is focusing on giant Kaiju and after Kong: Skull Island, then we will get the big Godzilla sequel. After that, the big ape will be fighting one-on-one against Godzilla. The toys coming out for Kong: Skull Island have a “Monsterverse” logo on the back, so that and the Monarch corp is what will tie everything together.

With Kong: Skull Island, the Godzilla movies, and the Pacific Rim sequel we’re in for a couple awesome years of Kaiju movies!