Check Out the Blue Screen Effects of Rogue One



Star Wars fans who like to attack the Prequels for a misguided falsehood that they were all green screen won’t like this new look at Rogue One’s effects.

American Cinematographer has a really great interview with John Knoll about the effects on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. While the interview was conducted before the movie came out he couldn’t say much about Tarkin, although he did hint at it:

“There are incremental things on every show you work on, but there are a couple of larger areas on Rogue One. One of the challenges on this show is we’re doing some digital-human work; we have a couple of scenes where there are characters that are human beings, but they’re digitally generated. That’s been touched on in the past, but this is a fairly demanding application of that. So we did a lot of work on facial motion-capture tools, skin shading and those kinds of things. I think that’s going to get some attention when the film comes out.”

Even cooler is the interview has a few behind-the-scene images of the blue-screen effects done in the movie:

There are two others in the interview: one from Yavin IV and the other on Jedha, as well as an image showing a digital extension on Jedha to create the holy city. Check it out on American Cinematographer.