Don\’t Blast \’Disney\’ For Clone Wars Leaving Netflix…


The Star Wars side of the internet is in mourning today as it’s been discovered that The Clone Wars will expire from Netflix on March 7th. But before you go off writing a 1,000 word piece about how evil “Disney” is for removing Clone Wars, you need to look at who puts out the series first.

Except for the “Lost Missions” (technically Season 6), which premiered on Netflix, Seasons one through five of The Clone Wars are still put out on home video by Warner Bros. as the series ran on their Cartoon Network. The way Netflix streaming for shows like that usually is handled is that Netflix is given streaming rights with an expiration date. What’s happening here is that The Clone Wars’ initial streaming rights are expiring in March and they aren’t being renewed…yet.

It’s entirely possible that Disney will eventually have full home video rights to the entirety of The Clone Wars, at which point it’s likely to return to Netflix. But this should be a lesson to people that if you really want to see a series you should own it on disc as streaming isn’t forever. Also, it’s a good idea to buy The Clone Wars on disc before they go out of print, which could happen at any time.