Are There Too Many Harry Potter Weekends?



This Super Bowl weekend, Freeform is at it again concluding another Harry Potter weekend. When the network was switching over from abcfamily to Freeform, there was some worry that these marathons would cease to exist, but just like the channel’s 25 Days of Christmas, the Harry Potter Weekends lived on.

Even as an avid Harry Potter fan, I think the weekends on Freeform have become excessive. The films play anywhere from three to even four days. The network is known for creating weekends where they show the same movies again and again, such as Pitch Perfect during a Girls’ Night. But Harry Potter seems to be the most popular and it makes sense because J.K. Rowling has created such captivating characters and imaginative stories. The movies can be playing during the winter holidays because it snows in one scene (in one movie, but why not play all of them), or Valentine’s Day because of the high schoolish romance in Half Blood Prince. Yes, I get sucked in again and again and will even find myself watching my least favorite (Goblet of Fire). I just wish Freeform would not continually play the same movie back to back or take out one of the films every time they play the marathons or at least have less commercials. (Order of the Phoenix is off the roster this time around.) Can it truly be a Harry Potter Weekend when it doesn’t play all of the films?

So how do you feel about the Freeform Harry Potter Weekends? What is your favorite and least favorite movies?