Here\’s the Extended Super Bowl Spot for Transformers: The Last Knight


Transformers: The Last Knight
Last night people managed to find an unlisted copy of the Transformers 5 extended spot on Paramount’s YouTube channel, but they quickly pulled it.

Since it was out there for a little while, Michael Bay released the extended version of the trailer on his YouTube channel this morning in advance of the shorter spot airing during the game this afternoon.

The more footage revealed of the movie really make it look like we’re getting Unicron (or a version of him) and that’s why Prime is fighting Bumblebee. Prime’s purple eyes make it look like he’s been brainwashed by Unicron as one of his acolytes, and that explains why he’s acting differently. While the Ghost in the Shell trailer today just recycles footage that will appeal to the mass market, this one actually gives us some new stuff to see.

We’ll have to wait and see what Disney shows, but so far this is one of the better Super Bowl movie ads for 2017: