The PlayStation 4 Finally Receives External HDD Support!


One of the big advantages the Xbox One has had over the PlayStation 4 has been the ability to easily add external storage. On the Xbox One you can add two external HDDs up to a total of 16TB through the system’s USB ports. Up until now, the PlayStation 4 only supported replacing the internal hard drive. Due to the size limitation of the drive (it’s a 2.5″ laptop drive) you’ve been limited to 2TB of space.

With the size of today’s game installs, even 2TB fills up quickly. That will change when the new PS4 firmware 4.50 releases as it’ll now support USB 3.0 storage:
The system will support drives up to 8TB in size.

The firmware is going out to people in the beta program today, which means it shouldn’t be too far away. The base PS4 only has two USB ports in the front, however the new PS4 Pro has a third USB port in the rear, which makes a perfect spot for the USB drive.