New PlayStation 4 Firmware Will \’Boost\’ Most Games on PS4 Pro


This morning Sony revealed the 4.50 firmware for the PlayStation 4, and there’s a pretty cool undocumented feature.

Buried in the new settings that beta testers have found is a “boost” option that can be turned on if you own a PS4 Pro. This will affect older games, released before the PS4 Pro, that haven’t been patched for the more powerful system.

The description says it can improve frame rates, but it’s not clear how it’ll affect every game. The option says to disable it if you notice strange issues as it could cause strange things in some games. It’ll be an on-going quest by PS4 Pro owners to see how it affects some games that really need to boost. Bloodborne, with its frame rate issues, is one game most people are hoping to see improvement on.

PS4 firmware 4.50 is currently being beta tested by the public now so it shouldn’t be too long until it’s available for everyone.