Potentially Bogus The Last Jedi Trailer Description Surfaces on 4Chan


With people so desperate for a trailer for The Last Jedi that they’re spreading around bogus rumors that we’ll see one at the Super Bowl, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing bogus trailer descriptions pop up online.

  • One that appeared on 4Chan today is being spread around and there are a couple reasons why it’s not wise to rush and believe it:
  • They claim the trailer comes out next Friday, February 10th. Kathleen Kennedy said “Spring”.
  • The description of what is shown in the trailer contains far too much footage for a ninety-second teaser. Even a full two-and-a-half minute trailer would have trouble containing all this description claims.
  • Most of the big story beats are just extrapolating from things that MakingStarWars has already put out there as spoilers. There’s really nothing here that hasn’t been said elsewhere already.

If you want to see what everyone is laughing at or talking about on Star Wars message boards today, this is the description: