Teen Wolf Season 6A Finale: “Riders on the Storm”



The promo for the Teen Wolf season finale promised a finale you wouldn’t forget and they delivered. It was so great to finally see the pack reunited, but the ending felt more like a series finale. (The show has 10 more episodes in store this June before its series finale.)
Watch out for spoilers ahead.
Some highlights from the episode:
1.The Sciles Reunion
It was so great to see Scott and Stiles back together again. Their hug in the hospital hurt my heart. While the show may be called Teen Wolf, implying Scott as the lead character, the show wouldn’t be anything without Stiles and that was extremely evident in this half of the season. The show had a different vibe, but as soon as Stiles returned in the finale the entire tone of the show changed. The humor returned and Stiles knew exactly how to solve their Hellhound situation proving his important role in the show.

2.The Redemption of Theo
Theo was a character no one could stand last season. (I mean he killed his sister and took her heart!) But he has been a nice addition to the last few episodes this season. I have thoroughly enjoyed his growing bromance with Liam. After fighting off the Ghost Riders together, the two have really bonded. According to the show’s creator, Jeff Davis, Theo will return in the second episode of 6B. It should be interesting to see where his character will go.

Malia and Peter’s relationship has really grown this season. Being taken by the Wild Hunt really seemed to put Peter’s life in perspective. Malia also realized her true feelings for her father as she pulled him out of the hunt by genuinely calling him “Dad” for the first time. I can’t wait to see where their relationship goes from here.

4.The Fate of Mr. Douglas
The Ghost Riders have definitely been one of my favorite Teen Wolf villains (along with Void Stiles and the Alpha Pack). They creepily move in slow motion and still get there quickly. They work together and have cool weapons. However, Mr. Douglas was one of my least favorite villains. I hate how he ate a piece of people’s brains and his character development felt rushed. I think his ending was very satisfying to watch him turn into a Ghost Rider. He would have been spared, but he got greedy to be their leader. He brought his fate upon himself.

5.Stydia Kiss
It was a long time coming, but Stiles and Lydia FINALLY had their kiss. Stiles had been in love with Lydia since the third grade, but at the start of the series she didn’t even know he existed. Lydia has gone through such a transformation throughout the series, and this season, with Stiles’ absence, she recognized her true feelings for him. She never realized that after she kissed Stiles, during his panic attack, that she loved him. Watching their embrace in the same place where they shared their first kiss made my night. (And I will be re-watching it multiple times.) It also made me feel better if Dylan O’Brien does not return for the 2nd half of the season. (It is still up in the air if he will be reprising Stiles due to scheduling conflicts.)

The episode wrapped up nicely with setting up where everyone will be attending college in the fall. It felt like a series finale as the episode brought the series full circle as Scott and Stiles rode off in the jeep, one last time, as the police scanner mentioned a dead body in the woods.

The 2nd half of season 6 (6B) airs this June.