Supergirl Recap: “We Can Be Heroes”


The title of the last episode of Supergirl could not have been better picked: “We Can Be Heroes,” because boy did people want to be taken seriously as heroes this episode.
Spoilers Ahead!

The true identity of Guardian was revealed to Kara this episode and as expected she was not happy to find out. It didn’t help that James didn’t get a chance to tell her, but instead was unmasked by Kara after a mission trying to protect civilians and getting zapped by Livewire. I understand why Kara doesn’t want James (and Winn) out on the streets. She is an alien, while they are humans and can get seriously hurt, but after the epic showdown with the people who captured Livewire, I thought she would have a change of heart. Part of me really hoped she could use that interdimensional device Cisco gave her after “Invasion” and contact Oliver to see how he handles it. You know talk about a friend being a vigilante to an actual vigilante. But we know how Supergirl gets handled in this universe.

I appreciated the growth in Winn from last episode to this one. Last week, he had an encounter where he almost died and made him reflect if this is what he wanted to do. Then a trip to another planet, made him realize he wasn’t the “red shirt” and by this episode he is taking the evil head on (well inside a van). He clearly is a package deal with James and will continue to help James fight, despite Kara’s objections.

In the previous episode, Mon-El told Kara that he wanted to be an official superhero with the cape and everything. (I just hope his current outfit isn’t the permanent one. I know Winn can do better than some black jumpsuit and red tinted glasses. But then again Winn’s had a lot on his plate recently.) Mon-El’s true motives for wanting to be a hero were revealed when he defied Kara’s orders and helped her over the civilians. While he denied his feelings to her again when she asked him, she came clean later in her apartment. He described their kiss on his deathbed as being the perfect way to go. Wow! Kara had no words, but you could clearly tell that she was confused. She seems to have some sort of attraction to him, but I don’t think she was expecting for him to finally admit his feelings. The scene ended with Mon-El giving her a high-five and saying he still wants to be her fighting partner. Boy is the next episode going to be awkward between them.

M’gann and J’onn’s plot line seemed like filler because so many other things were already going on. However, it is nice to see the two of them reconcile and to get M’gann’s full story. This also sets up next episode when the White Martians will attack.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 on the CW