New Battlefront 2 Details


EA held their earning’s call this morning, and as part of it they revealed new information on Star Wars Battlefront 2.

The game is coming out this fall, and it’ll be jointly developed by DICE, Motive, and Criterion. It’s likely that DICE is handling the multi-player, while Motive and Criterion are on the new Single-Player campaign. Previously Criterion did the Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission for the first game.

EA says the new Battlefront will feature:
More eras.
More heroes.
More locations.
More ships.
More game modes.

They want to provide the “best experience” with Battlefront 2. The more “eras” part is interesting. While the game is being set in the Sequel Trilogy, it’s possible we’ll still see Original Trilogy and possibly even Prequel era heroes and locations pop up.

Expect more on Battlefront 2 in a couple of months.