Peter Capaldi is Leaving Doctor Who


Doctor Who fans will be sad to hear there’s about to be a new Doctor, as Peter Capaldi has announced that it’s time to move on.

The official Doctor Who Twitter just made the announcement with a quote from the Doctor himself, “It (the new series of Doctor Who) will be my last… I feel it’s time to move on.”

That would mean that the Twelfth Doctor will be featured in three series, with the tenth being the end of his run. Capaldi has earned his share of fans as the Doctor, even after his reveal was a bit controversial. There are some pretty funny reaction videos to his reveal where fangirls of the younger Matt Smith freaked out when they cast an older actor for the Doctor. Still there are also some fans out there who have been a bit disappointed in the scripts he was given, especially compared to some of the great epic storylines that were done with the Eleventh Doctor and the Ponds.

The tenth series of Doctor Who hits the BBC this April. Now the wait for who will be the thirteenth Doctor begins.