The Odds of NO Super Bowl Teaser for The Last Jedi are High. It\’s Very High


Despite the fact that there has not been any Super Bowl teaser for any of the Star Wars movies…ever, people are still getting their hopes up for a look at The Last Jedi.

Even during the Prequel era, Lucasfilm didn’t spend the $1 million dollars needed for a big game spot to promote any of those movies…and they were coming out only a couple months after the game. In 2017 the cost of a thirty second spot during the game is now $5 million, and Lucasfilm has yet to spend that kind of money on a movie out ten months after the game.

If there have been five Star Wars movies released in the era of Super Bowl movie trailers without a single one being promoted during the game, it doesn’t look like The Last Jedi will be any different:

Once again, Kathleen Kennedy has said we’ll see Episode VIII footage in the Spring. That most likely means during the first day of Star Wars Celebration in Orlando on April 13th.