Who is Mon-El of Daxam?


One of the major mysteries of the second season of Supergirl has been: who is Mon-El of Daxam? This week’s, episode ‘Supergirl Lives,’ might have solved that mystery, if not it gave us more questions. The strongest theory is that Mon-El is the Prince of Daxam, rather than the prince’s guard. There are several moments throughout this season so far that support this theory:

1.He doesn’t understand what it means to be a hero or care about others.
2.He doesn’t know how to work. Why would he need to if he was royalty?

And the ever confusing…
3.Why would the prince give up his seat on the last pod out of Daxam?

The prince theory was strengthened after ‘Supergirl Lives,’ when the aliens didn’t attack Mon-El, but rather bowed to him. The look on Mon-El’s face was a combination of confused and worry. He didn’t seem to understand why these specific aliens were bowing to him and looked worried if anyone, specifically Kara, saw them. The optimist in me hopes this quick scene proves that Mon-El is not evil. If he was, he could have winked or grimaced or something. It also wouldn’t explain why more evil people are after him. But after (SPOILER ALERT) I was betrayed by Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) on the Flash, I don’t know who to trust anymore. Someone might seem great today and the next they are the villain and Mon-El has been a great addition to Supergirl. Even if you don’t want him romantically involved with Kara, you have to admit he’s extremely funny as he is trying to adjust to life on Earth. (Visiting ‘Paris City’ and stating the obvious after the portal closes: “Great, we’re stuck here.”) He also is not too bad on the eyes.

The last confirming note from this episode came from the final scene of the night, when Kara and Mon-El talk in her apartment and he tells her he wants to be a hero. He even states that he wants the costume, the cape, all of it. In this scene, when he talks about the Prince of Daxam, he says the prince wasn’t a good guy. If he wasn’t a good guy, and Mon-El was in fact his guard, why would the Prince sacrifice his life for him by putting him into that spaceship? Is Mon-El actually talking about himself and trying to redeem himself by becoming a hero? It looks that way to me, but we’ll have to continue watching to see!

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 on the CW