Empire\’s End Full Cover Jacket Revealed



Today Del Rey revealed the full dust jacket cover for next month’s Aftermath: Empire’s End. The final chapter in the Aftermath trilogy, the book will tell the story of the Battle of Jakku.

It’s interesting to note what the book description says about Gallius Rax. The character who put a lot of Plagueis hopefuls in denial after the release of Life Debt will play a huge part in this book as he puts into place Emperor Palpatine’s final plan. Could The First Order actually be something Palpatine came up with in the event of his death? The first order he has in his will of sorts?

This is the book that will reveal the truth of who Gallius Rax becomes once and for all, and those holding out hope that Snoke is Plagueis may have a very hard time dealing with this entry to the official Star Wars canon.