Tough Fantasy Football Season? Make Your Money Back With MyBookie


We had a tough fantasy football season, and chances are you did too. After all, there can only be one winner in each league. To the one person in my league who won (Dave), congrats! I hope the countless hours you spent doing your research each week was worth the little cash you made. While you were likely wasting your time, the rest of our crew had a Star Wars marathon in prep for Rouge One, saw Assassins Creed, and still had time to watch football and place our bets for this week’s Conference Championships on MyBookie.

That’s right, you wasted hundreds of hours, and (if the Packers win this weekend) I will have made more money, more quickly than you, thanks to my real friends who told me about the industry-leading online sports betting site, MyBookie. They offered me a huge bonus when I signed up, and when I win this weekend, they are going to pay me in 48 hours or less.

Sure, I had a tough Fantasy Football season, but its not over yet thanks to MyBookie! Keep the fun rolling and make some major cash.

Patriots football fan MyBookie

Patriots football fan MyBookie

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