Potential Episode VIII Trailer Release Schedule



Most sane people accept that you won’t be seeing an Episode VIII teaser during the big game next month, so the question is when you’ll see the first footage from the movie.

Kathleen Kennedy has said you won’t see anything until Spring. The first major event for Star Wars in the Spring is Star Wars Celebration in Orlando beginning April 13th.

As they always kick off Celebration with a big panel for the new movie (The Force Awakens in Anaheim in 2015 and Rogue One in London last year) we will see footage from Episode VIII premiere on April 13th at that panel. This will likely be the first real teaser trailer.

We’re then likely to get both a teaser trailer and Behind the Scenes feature sometime in the summer just like with Rogue One and TFA. This year Disney is holding their D23 Expo one week before the San Diego Comic Con in July. It’s likely one of those events will feature a new trailer and the other will have the Behind the Scenes. As both are just a week apart it’s a toss up as to where Disney will place the footage, if they end up attending SDCC at all.

Finally there will a longer “full” trailer (not counting any of the international trailers) in October. Since the way they did TFA and Rogue One differed (TFA was on Monday Night Football, Rogue One on Good Morning America) it’s difficult to peg where this one will land but chances are it’ll again be on some kind of Disney-owned broadcast.