Rogue One\’s Most Popular Scene Was the Result of Reshoots



If you’ve seen Rogue One, you’ll know one of the biggest crowd pleasing scenes in the movie is Vader being awesome at the very end of the movie. But that scene would never have existed if not for those pesky reshoots everyone was panicked over a few months ago.

One of the editors, John Gilroy, explained to Yahoo Movies that the action scene was added with the reshoots:

“What was added — and it was a fantastic add — was the Vader action scene, with him boarding the ship and dispatching all those rebel soldiers,” he tells Yahoo Movies. “That was something conceptualized a little later.”

He went on the explain that the major arc of the ending was always the same, but they added the Vader scene to add a little punch in the arm to the finale to show that he came very close to preventing Princess Leia from getting her hands on the plans to the Death Star.