The Nintendo Switch is $299 and People Are Freaking Out


Last night Nintendo officially revealed the price and release date for the Switch, and people are going all kinds of stupid in their overreactions.

The $299 tablet/console hybrid will hit stores on March 3rd, and in that package you’ll get the Switch hardware (the tablet), the dock to output it to the TV (which does give it a performance boost), two Joy-Con controllers, and the normal Joy-Con grip. People are going full stupid on social media complaining that Nintendo is charging money for hardware that costs them money to make, and they’re not looking at it in comparison to similar hardware.

Nintendo’s Switch is basically a Nintendo-branded nVidia Shield tablet. These Tegra-powered gaming tablets nVidia produces have been out for a while and they sell for $199. They’re $100 less than the Switch, but they have 16GB of storage (vs the Switch’s 32GB) and they don’t include a dock that boosts their performance or controllers.

So when put in perspective, the $299 price of the Switch at launch isn’t the dead-on-arrival scenario some people are claiming. It’s $50 more than the idea launch price most people were expecting, but compared to a comparable gaming tablet it’s not a huge deal breaker.