No Episode VIII Trailer Until Spring. Spring Begins March 20th


Some sites are so starved for Star Wars news that they are panicking and crying that we don’t yet have an Episode VIII trailer, but Star Wars fans know when to expect it.

Back at the release of Rogue One, Kathleen Kennedy said we would not see anything about Episode VIII until the Spring. The official first day of Spring in 2017 is March 20th, but that’s not necessarily when we’ll see the trailer.


Also a “Spring” release for the trailer means you will not be seeing a spot at the Super Bowl. You will also not be seeing a trailer any time in January or February, which some people on places like Reddit are trying to convince themselves of.

Yes, I know Lucasfilm released both the title and a short teaser for The Force Awakens in November 2014, but that was major exception because there was no Star Wars movie in 2014 and Abrams wanted to throw fans a bone to keep them interested. 2016 was different as Rogue One was released and much like The Force Awakens, Lucasfilm wants to allow that movie to have its time in the spotlight before showing anything from Episode VIII.

As Spring officially begins at the end of March, and Lucasfilm has a major Star Wars event a couple of weeks later, April 13th is the date you can expect to see the first teaser trailer for Episode VIII. That is the a Thursday and is the first day of Star Wars Celebration in Orlando. Lucasfilm always kicks off Celebration with a big panel focused on the new Star Wars movie: 2015 began with The Force Awakens panel (and teaser 2) and 2016 began with the Rogue One panel with the behind-the-scenes SIZZLE.

Lucasfilm didn’t release the first Rogue One teaser until April of 2016, after The Force Awakens released on home video. It’s pretty safe to assume from Kennedy’s “Spring” comment that they’re following the same philosophy with Episode VIII. That’s why you can be pretty safe in expecting to see the first official Episode VIII footage on April 13th.