Bendis is Reviving The Defenders Using the Netflix Roster


This isn’t The Defenders.

THR revealed today the Brian Michael Bendis, who seems to be writing every big Marvel book these days, will be reviving The Defenders in comics and it’ll use the characters from the Netflix show. So it’ll be Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil with a more gritty crime story theme.

This is a big departure for the comic book Defenders. In the past it was a team led by Doctor Strange with members who have included The Hulk. They would go no more fantastical adventures than the sort of things The Avengers would handle, and that made it a fun book to read. Doctor Strange is still a big character in the comics, and even though Bruce Banner is dead there are two other Hulks they could’ve chosen from to make a new Defenders out of.

Instead they’re basically making a tie-in to the Netflix series. Something targeting people who watch the show as opposed to reviving another popular Marvel title. It’s yet another Marvel publicity stunt.