Could Felicity be the next Black Canary?


After the new promo for the second half of season 5 was released, showing Laurel is not in fact Laurel (whatever that means), rumors have been floating around speculating Felicity’s condition after her boyfriend Detective Billy Malone was killed at the hands of the Green Arrow.

So far, this season has had several curveballs and twists, from Artemis’ betrayal to solving who Prometheus is. While Billy’s death was not a complete surprise in the mid-season finale, it was shocking in how Prometheus set it up. His tragic death promises Felicity to undergo some trauma and possible darkness. This is leading fans to the theory that Felicity will become the 3rd reincarnation of the Black Canary. The title the recently resurrected Laurel Lance held after avenging her sister Sara’s memory.

It makes sense why fans are “assuming” that Felicity will take on this alter ego because we have seen this transformation before with Laurel. Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim recently stated in an interview: “Felicity’s been living in this darker world for the last four-plus years now and one of the things we’re exploring is how much what Oliver and Diggle and Roy and Laurel have been doing as vigilantes affected her and affected her way of thinking about things.” This statement makes it sound like Felicity will take on some sort of vigilante alter-ego. She wouldn’t be the first to make the transition from being behind the desk to fighting crime in the streets. Both Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon are making that transition on the Flash, but of course they don’t have much of a choice due to their metahuman powers. Curtis has also gone from IT tech to superhero in becoming Mr. Terrific. (However in my opinion he hasn’t made the transition as easily as the others.)

The better question is should Felicity be the next Black Canary? She’s been an essential part of Team Arrow since season 1 and in becoming a fighter we could lose her witty spirit and tech savviness. A part of her would be lost. In the past two seasons, she acquired the alias Overwatch already establishing a hero-like status. Does she need another one? We’ll just have to wait and see when Arrow returns Wednesday January 25th at 8.