A Best Picture Nomination for Deadpool Has Become a Possiblity


If becoming the second-highest grossing R-rated movie in the US (and #1 worldwide) wasn’t enough, Deadpool now stands the chance of earning a Best Picture nomination.

A Golden Globe nomination is pretty much worthless. Those awards are really nothing compared to the Academy Awards and now Deadpool has been nominated for two big trophies that could lead to a Best Picture nomination in a couple of weeks.

Last week Deadpool earned a Writer’s Guild nomination for adapted screenplay. That shocked a lot of people as you never see a comic book movie nominated there. But today a big one dropped when Deadpool earned a Producer’s Guild nomination for Best Picture, along with nine other movies.

While there can be up to ten Best Picture nominations now, it’s been fewer than that the last few years. But the key here is the award Deadpool is up for almost always predicts who takes home the Best Picture award. That award is really for the producers of the movie, so that’s how you can read what’s going to take home the prize.

If they do ten Best Picture nominees this year, Deadpool’s nom for a PGA (and WGA) award puts it in the running as being one of the movies eligible.