Not EVERY Star Wars Movie Can Be \’The Best Since Empire\’


Starting with 2015’s The Force Awakens, there’s going to be a new Star Wars movie every year until the end of time. Disney’s first new Star Wars movie was proclaimed “the best since Empire” by many people lost in the euphoria of the first new Star Wars in a decade, but that same praise was heaped on Rogue One as well.

Here’s just a quick selection of some of the Twitter praise for The Force Awakens right after its release in 2015:

And here’s nearly identical praise for Rogue One last year:

They both can’t be the “best since Empire”. If you truly meant that The Force Awakens was the best since Empire, then that would make Rogue One the “best since The Force Awakens”. But that would sound silly since it’s the movie released immediately following The Force Awakens.

Time will tell if Episode VIII will end up being “the best since Empire” but as the last two Star Wars movies have shown, it probably will earn that praise…at least for a couple of weeks.