Pop Culture Quest Just Trolled Star Wars Fans



Earlier today Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest put out a Tweet teasing an “Episode VIII” first look soon. Since the Tweet used the Star Wars font for VIII everyone (us included) initially thought that it was going to be about Star Wars Episode VIII. Except it’s not, and it’s just a big troll meant to trick Star Wars fans.

Pop Culture Quest just aired their seventh episode this past Wednesday.

This tease of “Episode VIII” is actually meant to promote a look at their upcoming eighth episode and not Star Wars Episode VIII. Using a Star Wars font was a just a way to get Star Wars fans excited for something they won’t be seeing.

It’s not the first time Hamill has trolled Star Wars fans. Last April he teased a look at an Episode VIII trailer, and then Tweeted this:

Brief glimpse of an #EP8 TRAILER-Mine! #UPFs can't be fooled-Only a joke-why aren't U laughing? #TKJ #CleverHamsters pic.twitter.com/RuW36hbAWj

— Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) April 16, 2016