Lucasfilm Will Meet to Decide the Fate of Leia in Episode IX


Force Awakens Images

I know some Star Wars fans may think it’s still too soon to debate what Carrie Fisher’s death means for the future of the movies, but things move quickly in the internet world and news has come out on what’s happening.

This morning THR has a report up that says Colin Trevorrow will be traveling to Los Angeles next week to meet with Kathleen Kennedy to discuss options for Leia’s role in Episode IX. She had a bigger role in VIII than she did in The Force Awakens and the piece says that she had two major scenes scheduled over the next two movies: reuniting with Luke and confronting Kylo.

The article doesn’t say if either was filmed as part of Episode VIII, although the Luke reunion is the most likely of the two to happen first.

When it comes to Episode IX, which isn’t out until 2019 and won’t start filming for a while now, things become more complicated. They say they could either have something happen to Leia off-screen or do some CG work like with Tarkin in Rogue One to bring her back.

Either option will be highly controversial for fans, but with how Kennedy has guided Lucasfilm so far, and with the wisdom of the Story Group, I’m pretty confident that the studio will figure out a respectful way to handle General Leia in the final movie of the Sequel Trilogy.